“There have been multiple situations in which I was physically attacked or robbed, and could not seek protection or justice from law enforcement out of fear of being prosecuted for being a sex worker.” 

– Oregon Sex Worker 
“As a family physician and proponent of evidence-based policy, I support efforts to decriminalize sex work in Oregon. The research behind this movement is clear: criminalization only keeps sex workers vulnerable to violence, incarceration, displacement, and potentially life-threatening health risks. All Oregonians deserve access to physical and mental health care - and legal resources - without fear of retaliation.”

– Oregon Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, MD
“Prostitution is going to exist whether it is “legal” or not. It has pretty much always existed. As this state has liberalized our approach to substance use and drugs, I think this practice deserves a hard look as well. Honestly why do we care about what consenting adults do with each other even is one exchanges money for it. And the key words here are consent and adults.”

– Oregon House Representative Rob Nosse